Tips for choosing the right clothes for going out

by | May 21, 2021 | tips

Are you looking for a good style for your outings? Nothing better than to follow the tips collected here to help you avoid getting lost in your choice. Take a look at it without further ado, everything you need is gathered here. Read on.

Knowing your clothing size

From the choice of coat to the shirt, or even the suit and jeans, all the tips are given here to guide you in choosing the clothes that match your size. So, whatever your morphology (big, tall, thin, small or muscular), you will have all the pieces you need.

As an example, the t-shirt should not be chosen lightly. Its choice must be based on certain criteria such as: the sleeve falling on the shoulder break, the fabric placed on the hips, the sleeves stopping halfway up the biceps… In short, your t-shirt must be just below the waist, not lower.

The jeans you choose must fit tightly without preventing you from closing the buttons.

Matching colors

When it comes to colors, make sure you combine them. It’s true that choosing or matching colours can be difficult, but you can do it. For example, if you are black, avoid wearing clothes in a pale, distorted color; they tend to make you look like you are in a mine. If it’s a jumper or jacket, layer your clothing to enhance those colors. For example, if you put on a white jumper, you should put on a coloured shirt underneath. The collar of the shirt already creates a barrier between your face and the jumper. Alternatively, put a scarf around your neck. But these colors are not just for your tops, you can adjust them in shoes, trousers, socks…

For those of you who are black, the solution to your problem can be found by adopting a style contrary to what is said.

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