The best innovations in fashion

by | May 20, 2021 | shopping, stores

Fashion has become a real industry where giants are jostling for position. Several innovations have been made that make life easier for customers. In the following article, discover some of the innovations that have made their mark on the fashion industry.


This is a revolutionary innovation in the field of fashion. Many fishing nets are thrown away every year. Econyl is a brilliant idea from a fashion professional. This revolutionary idea consists of recycling the yarns, which are mostly made of nylon, and turning them into very practical and useful bags. These types of bags are very practical for shopping at the supermarket, but also for going to work.

Recycling plastic bags

Plastic bags are very dangerous and pose a great threat to the ecological balance. Many people around the world have opted for recycling to rid the earth of these bags. After recycling and washing, the use of these bags is a great innovation. These bags are used for a number of useful purposes: they are used to make stronger and more durable bags. These recycled plastics are also used to sew very original clothes. With this recycling process, the earth is much better off and the various garments are cheaper.

Refibra x Tencel

This is a very special technology. This technology consists of the endless use of waste from the processing of cotton. White gold is a real treasure and one of the most used products in fashion. After the cotton is processed, there is a lot of waste that is thrown away. Refibra x Tencel is a process that allows this waste to be avoided and put to very good use. With such technology, it is possible to make much more profit from the marketing of cotton and even to manufacture clothes with this cotton waste

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